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Testwood Sports College

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9th Apr 2018

HHA Council Meeting (19:30) @ The View

14th May 2018

HWHL General Meeting (19:00) @ TBC and date TBC

21st May 2018

HHA AGM 2018 (19:30) @ Basingstoke HC

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Today's Results

Hampshire Division 5 (Men)

13:00Havant 5-Salisbury 3
13:00S'hampton Uni 4-Weymouth 2
13:30Chichester 4-Haslemere 4
13:30Gosport 2-Trojans 4
13:30Yateley 3-Southampton 3
16:15Eastleigh-Gillingham 2
1stTrojans 4153340
2ndChichester 4164532
3rdGillingham 2151931
4thHaslemere 4151930
5thS'hampton Uni 417730
6thHavant 516422
7thSalisbury 316820
8thSouthampton 317-2218
9thGosport 215-1317
10thYateley 316-2111
12thWeymouth 211-235

Hampshire Division 6 (Men)

11:00Fleet/Ewshot 2-Fareham 7
12:45Alton 2-Poole 2
13:00Camb & Farn 3-Winchester 5
15:00Southampton 4-Romsey 3
16:30Basingstoke 4-Hamble 3
1stWinchester 5144936
2ndBasingstoke 4142832
3rdPoole 2141731
4thAlton 2141226
5thFareham 714-918
6thFleet/Ewshot 214-117
7thRomsey 3141016
8thCamb & Farn 314-2310
9thHamble 314-509
10thSouthampton 414-337

Hampshire Division 7 (Men)

12:00Fareham 8-Tadley
12:00Woking Old Pecs.-Havant 6
12:30City of Ports 3-S'hampton Uni 5
15:00Petersfield 2-Fleet/Ewshot 3
15:00Trojans 5-S'hampton Otters
1stPetersfield 2143840
2ndTrojans 5141230
3rdHavant 614723
4thS'hampton Otters141321
5thS'hampton Uni 514-319
7thWoking Old Pecs.14-317
8thCity of Ports 314-1613
9thFleet/Ewshot 314-1811
10thFareham 814-245

Hampshire Division 8 (Men)

13:45Ports & S'sea 2-Bournemouth 5
15:00Winchester 6-Yateley 4
15:15Wimb Wayf'ers 3-Andover 3
15:30Haslemere 5-Gosport 1898
1stAlton 3137137
2ndHaslemere 512627
3rdBournemouth 5131022
4thAndover 312420
5thYateley 413-1212
6thPorts & S'sea 210-1912
7thWinchester 612-1010
8thWimb Wayf'ers 312-216
9thGosport 189811-291

Hampshire Division 9 North (Men)

10:15Basingstoke 51-0Camb & Farn 4
Yateley 50-6A'shot & F'ham 5
12:30Fleet/Ewshot 4-B'stoke Vikings
16:30Alton 4-Petersfield 3
1stAlton 4134637
2ndCamb & Farn 4143634
3rdA'shot & F'ham 5131622
4thBasingstoke 513-117
5thYateley 513-1812
6thPetersfield 311011
7thA'shot & F'ham 612-1910
8thB'stoke Vikings12-219
9thFleet/Ewshot 413-399

Includes unconfirmed results (red)

Hampshire Division 9 South (Men)

10:30Lavant1-0US Portsmouth 2
12:30Romsey 4-Swanage & Ware 2
14:30Salisbury 4-Isle of Wight 2
15:00Hamble 4-Poole Dolphins
2ndUS Portsmouth 2144134
3rdIsle of Wight 2121525
4thRomsey 4121324
5thAlton 515-1424
6thSwanage & Ware 213-215
7thHamble 413-315
8thTrojans 612-810
9thSalisbury 414-275
10thPoole Dolphins13-522

Includes unconfirmed results (red)

Hampshire Division 1 (Women)

10:30Romsey-Southampton 2
11:00New Forest4-2City of Ports
12:00Winchester-Trojans 3
13:45Haslemere-Havant 2
15:00Yateley-Basingstoke 2
3rdNew Forest181237
4thCity of Ports181631
5thBasingstoke 2171028
6thTrojans 317-1123
7thHavant 217-821
11thSouthampton 217-396

Includes unconfirmed results (red)

Hampshire Division 2 (Women)

Fareham 24-1A'shot & F'ham 2
10:30Gosport-Southampton Uni
11:15Alton-Ports & Southsea
11:30Isle of Wight3-1Fleet & Ewshot
11:45Basingstoke 3-Hamble
12:45Andover 2-Haslemere 2
1stFareham 2185151
3rdA'shot & F'ham 2183230
4thFleet & Ewshot181228
5thIsle of Wight18528
7thPorts & Southsea17826
8thBasingstoke 317219
9thSouthampton Uni171517
10thHaslemere 217016
11thAndover 217-964

Includes unconfirmed results (red)

Hampshire Division 3 (Women)

10:30Trojans 4-Winchester 2
Waterside0-2Romsey 2
12:00Haslemere 3-Havant 3a
12:00Southampton 3-Yateley 2
16:00Havant 3-Petersfield
1stWinchester 2167343
2ndRomsey 2173136
3rdHavant 3154134
4thYateley 216-328
5thHavant 3a15525
8thUS Portsmouth15-3112
9thTrojans 414-1711
10thSouthampton 314-427
11thHaslemere 314-562

Hampshire Division 4 (Women)

10:30Winchester 31-3New Forest 2
10:45A'shot & F'ham 3-Fareham 3
12:00West Meon-Isle of Wight 2
16:30Yateley 3-Basingstoke 4
1stNew Forest 2144240
2ndFareham 3133234
3rdA'shot & F'ham 3132630
4thBasingstoke 4132121
5thWinchester 314519
6thWest Meon14-1015
7thPetersfield 214-2313
8thIsle of Wight 213-416
9thYateley 314-523

Includes unconfirmed results (red)

Hampshire Division 5 (Women)

Hamble 22-2Eastleigh 2
10:30Southampton 41-4Winchester 4
Ports & S'sea 20-3A'shot & F'ham 4
12:30Fleet/Ewshot 2-Gosport 2
14:00Romsey 3-Chichester 4
1stA'shot & F'ham 4161837
2ndFleet/Ewshot 2154236
3rdWinchester 4162734
4thPorts & S'sea 216629
5thChichester 414123
6thGosport 215-917
7thEastleigh 215-614
8thRomsey 314-1710
9thSouthampton 416-299
10thHamble 215-337

Includes unconfirmed results (red)

Hampshire Division 6 (Women)

10:00Havant 41-0Petersfield 3
12:00Gosport 3-Alton 2
12:30New Forest 3-Trojans 5
14:00City of Ports 2-Southampton 5
15:00Basingstoke 5-IBM Nomads
1stHavant 4165839
2ndCity of Ports 215831
3rdTrojans 5151427
4thBasingstoke 514923
5thAlton 214-323
6thIBM Nomads151922
7thNew Forest 315216
8thPetersfield 315-1116
9thSouthampton 515515
10thGosport 314-101-3

Includes unconfirmed results (red)

Hampshire Division 7 (Women)

Fareham 44-2Fleet/Ewshot 3
10:30Winch Tigers7-0Ports & S'sea 3
12:30A'shot & F'ham 5-Basingstoke 6
14:30S'hampton Uni 2-Haslemere 4
1stWinch Tigers137934
2ndYateley 4141529
3rdHaslemere 413621
4thFleet/Ewshot 314-619
5thFareham 412916
6thA'shot & F'ham 512-113
7thBasingstoke 612-2212
8thS'hampton Uni 214410
9thPorts & S'sea 314-84-3

Includes unconfirmed results (red)

Association Contacts
Hampshire Men's League divisions 1-2Mike Warde.m.ward@ntlworld.com01202 740682 (h)  01202 740682 (w)  07867 683279 (m)
Hampshire Men's League divisions 3-10Richard Bartermensfixtures@hampshireha.co.uk07850 582141 (m)
Hampshire Women's LeagueRichard Woodhwhl@hampshireha.co.uk07717 765815 (m)
All outdoor adult cup competitionsMichael Harveyadultcups@hampshireha.co.uk01425 473470 (h)  07968 120397 (m)
All outdoor junior competitionsHeather Windustjuniors@hampshireha.co.uk01329 849155 (h) 07720 746899 (m)
All indoor competitionsVacant Positionindoor@hampshireha.co.uk
County Welfare OfficerRowena Shepherdrowena.shepherd1@gmail.com01252 711869 (h)   07803 618628 (m)
County Discipline AdministratorChris Bondcwbond300@btinternet.com01202 632292 (h)   07779 943689 (m)
Player Pathway AdministratorKoo Janzenkoo.janzen@hampshirehockey.net01983 855387 (h)   07740 356339 (m)
Competition Entries

The competition entry system is still open (or can be changed) for the following competitions:

U12 Boys Club In2Hockey Championships (Men, Outdoor). U10 Boys Club In2Hockey Championships (Men, Outdoor). U10 Girls Club In2Hockey Championships (Women, Outdoor). U12 Girls Club In2Hockey Championships (Women, Outdoor)
Clickherefor details of the entries.
There are 18 school competitions still open. Clickherefor details of the entries.
Recent News Items
4th February 2018
Bassett Avenue, Southampton - road closure
Bassett Avenue INBOUND (from M3) will be closed 24 hours a day from the 11th February 2018 for approximately 4 weeks. This will affect matches at Southampton Sports Centre and possibly Trojans.Clubs and officials are asked to plan their journeys with this closure in mind.The two OUTBOUND lanes will...
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24th January 2018
England Hockey Club Forums
As you know 2018 is going to be a very special year for Hockey as we look to host the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup at Lee Valley from 21st July to 5th August. What an opportunity to make our nation one where Hockey Matters!

England Hockey are keen to involve clubs as much as possible and...
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3rd January 2018
HHA Council Non-Portfolio Member Positions Vacant
Following the resignation of two Non-Portfolio HHA Council members, one due to moving away from the area, and the other due to increased external commitments, there are vacancies for their replacements as of immediate effect.

Although a non-portfolio member has no specific responsibility, they...
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9th December 2017
Advice to ALL umpires, both HHUA & Club
There are 2 versions of this year's Red Card & MMO Report Form to be found under 'Information & Downloads' on the HHA/HHUA website. Both sides have the PDF version (Handbook 198), but only the HHA side has a Word version (Handbook 199) available. Due to IT difficulties all umpires are...
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16th November 2017
Fleet and Ewshot HC Email Issues
Please be aware that emails being sent from the @fleethockey.com domain may fail to reach Hotmail email accounts due to perceived spam issues. If you have not received a response from Fleet & Ewshot HC within 24 hours of emailing someone, please contact the person you are expecting an email...
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